Work with WesCon

WesCon Protection is licensed, insured and bonded, and offers guards who are certified to perform security procedures in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. WesCon officers undergo extensive background checks, training in compliance with Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations, an additionally, instruction that prepares them to provide CPR in times of emergencies.

WesCon Protection will provide well-trained guards for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To guard entrances and screen guests/employees
  • To monitor the premises of clients via video surveillance equipment
  • To protect all client assets, employees and guests
  • To deter crime by providing a visual presence
  • To organize responses to fires, evacuation or other emergencies
  • To eject  unwanted customers or trespassers
  • To interact with police and emergency responders
  • To respond to customer and employee health emergencies and accidents as all have received CPR and AED training

Additionally, WesCon leaders will provide the following:

  • Security audits and recommendations for security plans
  • Referrals to security technology providers for cameras and information management systems

Next Steps…

Please reach out to our client relationship manager to further discuss your security and operational needs. Contact Us