Our Vision at WesCon

WesCon Protection has developed a competitive edge through high levels of customer service, pricing, and flexibility. The organization is also fortunate to be managed by individuals who have extensive law enforcement connections throughout the Boston Metropolitan Area.  

In addition to serving as a sworn Campus Police Officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the President served as a street-level officer in two small Metropolitan Area cities, wherein he held numerous community liaison positions that enabled him to establish lasting relations with citizens and fellow law enforcement professionals at the local and state levels. 

In that capacity, he interacted with dignitaries and law enforcement officials in municipalities across the Commonwealth, those in neighboring states, and at the highest levels of the federal government as well.

Members of Wescon have served as leaders of the national organization of state parole board officials, further expanding the breadth of law enforcement officials and clients with whom he has established relationships.

As a result of a combined 70 years of experience and knowledge in areas of state and federal regulations, WesCon will apply and transfer these years of relationships, knowledge and best practice to its clients .    

Next Steps…

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