WesCon Personal Protection, Inc.

WesCon Protection, Inc. was founded by Curtis West and Mark Conrad in July 2001.  At the time, the two principal executives were full-time police officers. To date, they have amassed a combined total of 70 years of law enforcement experience.  Based in Randolph, Massachusetts, the organization is federally certified as a “small, disadvantaged” business, and is, therefore, qualified to accept contracts set-aside for such entities.  

WesCon provides security guards, security consulting and transportation services to apartment management firms, churches, schools and retail establishments throughout the Boston Metropolitan area. Having effectively met the needs of its clients for the past decade and-a-half, and acquired SBA certification, WesCon seeks to acquire more significant contracts at local, state and federal levels.


WesCon Protection strives to effectively honor every aspect of each contract and maintain the level of flexibility necessary to adjust to emerging trends unexpected changes its clients require.

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Security Guards

Surveillance Technologies

Surveillance Technologies

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WESCON Protects Emanuel College

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